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Cadyn is our little social bug. To him, nobody is a stranger and he loves to be at school, church, and out in the neighborhood with his little buddies. It’s not uncommon for Cadyn to hum a tune, sing a song, or just imitate the vacuum cleaner.

Cadyn’s birthday this summer featured create-your-own-cupcakes which were a huge hit. It was a hot day so the slip and slide was in full use. Following in his brother’s and dad’s footsteps, he’s begun his own collection of Lego’s.

For quite some time, Cadyn has been very content to ride his scooter around the neighborhood and displayed no interest in riding a bike. Until this fall when he decided he was big enough to hop on and start trucking around. He loves to ride!

Most days you’ll find him spending time with mom. But after school and on weekends he loves to spend time with his older brother.