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After the move to Missouri, Colby finished off his 3rd grade of homeschooling and looked forward to attending public school. His 4th grade teacher was truly excited to have him in the classroom and has helped him make the transition to a new style of learning enjoyable. His classroom uses “eMINTS” which does not follow the traditional learning environment but utilizes group sessions and in-classroom coaching/mentoring to integrate technology into their teaching. This process promotes inquiry-based learning and builds community. Colby is thriving in this environment.

He loves his church and has made some great friends and is learning a lot. Summer camp is not a foreign event for us. I don’t think Colby’s missed a summer of camp since he’s been born. But this year was different… he went without mom and dad. In preparation for camp he needed a “summer haircut” and asked for a mo-hawk (no surprise there). Camp was a great experience for him, and I thought his haircut looked great!

If Colby had his way, I think we would be living on the beach. He loves everything about the sand and ocean. For his first double-digit birthday we celebrated with the closest thing we could to a beach party by making surf boards, having a shark piñata, and plenty of water to soak the guests.

In 2010 Colby received his Black belt in Taekwondo. Since moving to Missouri and being a part of the school and church, he’s expressed an interest in basketball. Colby will be participating in his first team athletic sport beginning in January. Colby and Mark also had the chance to spend some time at the national Royal Ranger campground in Eagle Rock, MO. This campground provided archery equipment and we learned that Colby has a natural gift and a good sense of aim.